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my day off

23:08 JST March 24, 2011 3 comments

I’ll get to work on posts soon…just have some work stuff and private stuff to take care of first.


I had my first day off work in ages!  Hooray!

I went to Harajuku to hang out with people, but people weren’t there?

Harajuku was so…empty?  Well, there were only half the crowds I’m usually used to.

When I talked to some shop attendents, they said it was so empty around Harajuku the days following the earthquake.  Probably because people were scared, they didn’t know whether trains were running, or for other reasons to do with the earthquake (>w<)


As a consequence, the Johnny’s shop was amazingly empty-ish.

I didn’t have to line up this time, just walked straight in and got to move around the shop with relative ease.

Then, I never realised it, but they sell KAT-TUN umbrellas at the shop.  Since when???

It’s a normal-looking large-ish umbrella, black, and the words “KAT-TUN” printed large in white.


There were lots and lots of Yamapi photos up in the shop today.  Oh, and a lot of Johnny’s juniors.

And the Johnny’s photo booth was back!  I haven’t seen it ages! (of course, I don’t get to go to the Johnny’s shop a lot so I’m not sure whether this happens alot)

I think it works like a photo-sticker machine.  Like you know, in the way where you choose a frame (there was only HSJ and NYC today) that either has individual talents, or the whole group, and then you can pose next to their photo in the booth.

Kinda cute, I remember doing one with Arashi’s Ohno years ago.


After the Johnny’s shop I found a cute bow-tie and a cool pearl necklace, yay!

I had actually bought more photos than this…but I gave them to my Yamapi fan friends and my Arashi fan friend.  I settled for my two Tegomass photos, Massu, and Matsujun ❤


Momo xoxo

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