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Rescheduled SP movie event held, movie earnings will help 3/11 victims

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Part of the money “SP THE MOTION PICTURE Revolution volume” makes will go towards relief efforts for 3/11 victims, it was revealed at the movie’s event in Tokyo, reports Mainichi Shimbun and Daily Sports Online.


Junichi Okada from V6 and the cast of the SP movie came together to the event which had originally been scheduled for March 12, but was postponed because of the 3/11 disaster in north-eastern Japan.


As well as announcing that a portion of the movie’s earnings will be donated, Okada had said he hoped everyone would be able to rebuild their lives as soon as possible.  The Johnny’s talent himself had experienced the 1995 Kobe earthquake when he was living in Osaka.

“I hope everyone who was a victim of this earthquake can get a boost of confidence watching SP and how the team fights on, their teamwork, and their courage.

“I think being happy is going to play an important role from now own.  We’ll do all that we can to bring smiles to your faces, and I hope that ‘SP’ could help in some way,” he said.


The SP story started as a drama series in 2007, where Inoue (Okada) and his team at the Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division stop terrorists in Tokyo.  The latest movie is a sequel to last year’s “SP THE MOTION PICTURE 野望篇 (Yabo volume, Ambition volume)”


Okada had said team work was key to the SP project.

“We got here thanks to team work.  SP is something made by all the staff and cast,” he said.

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