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Kanjani8 this year’s 24Hr TV main personality

14:48 JST April 6, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kanjani8 will be the main personality for “24時間テレビ34 愛は地球を救う (24Hr TV 34 Love Saves the Earth)”, it was confirmed on April 6, reports Oricon.

This is the first time Kanjani8 will host the show.  It has been reported there will be a lot of interest in this year’s show because it is the first following the March 11 Tohoku earthquake.  The group members themselves had experienced the 1995 Kobe earthquake, and had said at the Marching J event over the weekend it was their turn to give something back to the community which had helped them.

The show had already started an emergency donation project following the Tohoku earthquake.  As of April 5, 128,140 donations have been made, totaling more than 780 million yen.

It has been reported Kanjani8 member Shota Yasuda will start appearing in TV spot commercials as of April 6, using sign language to call on people to make donations.

The main theme of the show remains as “love saves the earth”, and started in 1978 by Nihon TV.  Past main personalities have included SMAP, TOKIO, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Tackey & Tsubasa, and NEWS.

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