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“Bokura ga ita” might be last chance to see Toma Ikuta in school uniform

Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta and actress Yuriko Yoshitaka will play the leads in an upcoming movie adaptation of a popular romance manga series, it was revealed on May 1, reports Oricon and Chunichi Sports.

“僕等がいた (Bokura ga ita, We Were There)” is an ongoing manga series by Yuki Obata and follows a couple over 10 years of their life from the time they meet at high school, move onto university, and then go into the working world.  The story moves around Hokkaido and Tokyo and follows the characters as they fall in love and experience the hardship that comes with it.

“This might be the last time I wear a school uniform (laughs).  I hope I can enjoy that young, sweet high school life to the full,” Ikuta said.

Ikuta’s character Motoharu Yano is the popular boy at school; he’s smart, good-looking, and athletic.  But the part to watch out for is how he is affected by his girlfriend’s death after she dies in a car accident.

“I feel thankful be able to given the chance to play such a cool, yet very human character like Yano, but I want to do my best to bring some life into him,” he said.

Ikuta’s co-star Yoshitaka said it was her first time playing a character adapted from a romance manga, and she was aware that the series has a lot of devoted fans.

“I want to do my best to make sure I don’t betray the manga’s fans or put them to shame,” she said.

Filming is scheduled to begin this month and is reported to be aiming for a two-part release in 2012.

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