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Koichi Domoto’s SHOCK to go on the road

(photo thanks to SHOCK website)

Koichi Domoto’s popular stage show “Endless SHOCK” will have its first show in Fukuoka next January, it was revealed on May 16, reports Chunichi Sports and Daily Sports Online.

The show will go on the road in Japan for the first time, with the Fukuoka shows at the Hakataza Theater running from January 7 to 31.  Afterwards, the show will return to Tokyo’s Imperial Garden Theater for its Feb 8 to April 30 season.  This is the first time the show will be performed over a four month period.

“When I heard about this, I blurted out, ‘let’s do it,’ immediately.  Even if it’ll take a lot of effort, I think it’ll be worth it and so much more.  I’ll be alright,” Koichi said.

It has been reported Koichi said he wanted to use the new shows as a way to give something back to his fans whose shows were cancelled due to the Tohoku earthquake.

“The last show was meant to be on March 31st.  But I was really sad that that day went by with nothing.  I feel like there’s a huge hole in me…I want to get it back,” he said.

Since the show’s debut in 2000, Japan’s reportedly “hardest show to get tickets for” has repeatedly had offers to be performed in Osaka and Nagoya.  Koichi had said Fukuoka was chosen because the Hakataza Theater was most similar in size to the Imperial Garden Theater, which would bring out the best of SHOCK.  The show’s organisers at TOHO had also added Fukuoka’s location would make it easier for overseas fans from China and South Korea to get to.

Although the Hakataza Theater will only be able to fit 90 per cent of the show’s sets used in Tokyo, Koichi had said the Fukuoka shows would not be a downsized version of the original show.

“That’d be boring, we want to create a show that’s unique to the Hakataza Theater.  We’re making out plans now and I’m looking forward to what we come up with,” he said.

It has been reported Johnny’s & Associates president and SHOCK creator Johnny Kitagawa is hoping to put some local cultural heritage into the show.  The theater itself is also reportedly going to carry out construction later this year to open holes in the stage ceiling so SHOCK’s flying wire sets can be fitted on.

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