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Kanjani8 lunch goes on sale

11:51 JST June 13, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kanjani8 lunch (photo thanks to Mainichi Shimbun Digital)

Inside the Kanjani8 lunch (photo thanks to Mainichi Shimbun Digital)

A hamburger lunch covered in Haccho-miso-demi-glace sauce and Haccho-miso-curry-powder mixed gratin are the main specialities of the Kanjani8 lunch going on sale in Japan from June 21, it was revealed on June 13, reports Mainichi Shimbun Digital and TV Asahi News.


The lunch is a collaboration between Kanjani8’s TV  show “冒険JAPAN! 関ジャニ8MAP (Bouken JAPAN! Kanjani8MAP)” and convenience store chain CircleKSankus.  The “冒険JAPAN! 関ジャニ8MAP弁当 (Bouken JAPAN! Kanjani8MAP Lunch)” is set to go on sale for a limited time (June 21 – July 4) at all CircleK and Sunkus convenience stores across Japan for 498 yen.


The group’s show involves members going out on culinary adventures, based on information sent in by viewers.  June 19’s episode will feature Subaru Shibutani and Ryuhei Maruyama traveling to Aichi prefecture to visit the origin of Haccho-miso, Maruya Haccho-miso makers in Okazaki city.  Here, the talents taste the hamburgers and gratins featured in the group’s lunch.

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