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Tegoshi goes Greek in new commercial

17:28 JST June 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tegoshi in his new commercial (photo thanks to Match website)

Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS) has turned into a Greek shepherd for his latest commercial, it was revealed on June 16, reports News 24.

The Johnny’s talent has been chosen as the new face of energy drink マッチ(Match), and will appear in a series of comical TV commercials playing Melos, a character from Japanese short story “走れメロス (Run, Melos)” by Osamu Dazai.  The story is about young Greek shepherd Melos and his friendship with Selinuntius.

In the first commercial, fans will see high schooler Melos running after the school bus, which he missed after sleeping in, and screaming out his friend’s name.

It has been reported Tegoshi turned up to today’s press conference wearing his Greek costume.

“I’m a popstar, I have to be able to wear anything!” he said.

It was revealed Tegoshi had run more than three kilometres during the commercial shoot, but it did not bring him down.

“It was a little hard to speed up while holding the product in my hand, but it was fun.  I love running,” he said.

To make things more interesting, a treadmill was brought into the hall, and Tegoshi insisted he answered questions while running.  It has been reported even when he was asked whether he was ever late for school, the talent managed to keep talking while running.

“I was never late for school!  I remember running flat out from the nearest station to school,” he said.



Melos is on Twitter @match_meros

(no idea who is tweeting yet, there’s only been two tweets so far)

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