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SMAP’s Kusanagi promotes on Tokyo’s Yamanote train line

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SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s latest promotion sent him riding a private train on the JR Yamanote line in Tokyo on July 10, one he uses in his private life too, reports Nikkan Sports and Chunichi Sports.

Kusanagi  is finishing his 5-year stint as a digital TV promoter, and has been encouraging Japanese to switch from analog television to digital televisions as the country sets to say goodbye to analog TV forever on July 24.  Although he was temporarily removed as a promoter in 2009 following his arrest on suspicion of public indecency after drinking, he came back three months later after agreeing to shoot commercials for free.  It had been reported he also looked more determined to get the job done.

“I do feel sad, but I’ve done my best to help the change to digital television.  I knew this day was coming,” he said.

Sunday’s event saw the talent do a loop of the Yamanote train line, and do promotions for several TV stations.  It has been reported Kusanagi said the one-hour journey was fun, but also revealed he uses the train in private.

“The last time I used the Yamanote line was about a week ago from Shinjuku.  I go on it quite a lot,” he said.

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