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Sakurai plays organ in new commercial

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Aoi Miyazaki as Sho Sakurai's co-star in their latest commercial (photo thanks to Oricon)

Arashi’s Sho Sakurai will show his instrumental side playing the organ in his latest commercial, it was revealed on July 12, reports Oricon.


Sakurai will play a duet with actress Aoi Miyazaki in the next Aflac commercial.  The ad’s story shows the two characters being re-united in the Blue Duck Library, and then they express their happiness through a musical duet.


It has been reported Sakurai showed he was a capable organist, having learnt the piano since childhood.  Although the talent struggled to get used to the pedal keyboard on the organ, with a little bit of practice and advice from the on-set teacher, Sakurai was able to pull off his part without looking at the sheet music or his hands.  Miyazaki too, managed to get through her piece without any mistakes after getting advice from the on-set teacher and Sakurai.


After shooting had finished, the two had commented they were happy with the finished product.

“I was nervous because I was doing something we usually don’t do, but I feel like I pulled through it,” Sakurai said.

“I do feel a lot better being able to have a co-star,” Miyazaki said.


The new commercial will go on air in Jaan from July 15.

The Aflac cat and duck (photo thanks to Oricon)

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