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Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada and Chinen talk soccer and smurfs

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Japanese Smurfs movie poster (courtesy of Sony Pictures Animation)

The talk was all about smurfs and soccer for Hey! Say! JUMP’s Ryosuke Yamada and Yuri Chinen at a press conference in Tokyo on July 19, reports News24, Oricon, and Sponichi Annex.

The two Johnny’s talents had finished recording the Japanese dubbed version of the upcoming Smurfs movie.  It has been reported Yamada was happy with playing the goofy character Clumsy.

“I’m not that cool so it was easy.  I was able to be myself and use my actual voice so I think I pulled it off,” he said.

Chinen, who plays the all-knowing Brainy, said he was also happy with his character.

“He can be a little annoying at times, but I’m kinda like that too so I thought it was something we shared in common.  I’m not brainy, but I think I’m one of the smarter ones in the group,” he said.

The two then compared each other’s characters with the other’s real personality.

“I’m trying to think of a time when Yama-chan shows his goofy side.  Oh, when he tries to use a complicated word but doesn’t know how to use it properly, and none of us get what he’s talking about,” Chinen said.

“He’s (Chinen) smart.  He’s fast at learning dance sequences,” Yamada said.

The two talents said they got an extra boost of confidence after watching the blue-uniformed Japanese women’s soccer team win the World Cup.

“Us ‘smurfs’ are also blue so I hope we can get Japan excited too,” Chinen said.

“Watching them made me realise you can achieve anything if you work together.  I want to get that message across with this movie too,” Yamada said.

It has been reported Yamada had been playing soccer since primary school, and at yesterday’s conference he talked about how he celebrated Japan’s win.

“I jumped up from my couch while I was watching the penalty kicks.  I think it was the most I’ve been excited this year,” he said.

“The Smurfs” movie will be released in Japanese cinemas on September 9.

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