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Ex-Johnny’s Jr. and Johnny’s senior talent’s son in running to win JUNON Superboy Contest 2011

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I don’t usually like to write about gossip magazine articles, but I thought some people might be wondering what happened to Yuta Uekusa like me:


Former Johnny’s Jr. talent Yuta Uekusa (16) is making a come back after being announced as a top 50 finalist in the 24th JUNON Superboy Contest, reports Cyzowoman.


It has been reported the son of Shonentai member Katsuhide Uekusa had joined Johnny’s in 2007, but had disappeared from activity since April 2010.  By June 2010, the press had reported his parents had been living in separate houses, and by December 2010 they had announced they were getting divorced.


But the talent has re-appeared in the September issue of JUNON as a top 50 finalist in this year’s JUNON Superboy Contest.


It has been reported he has taken on his mother’s maiden name, and is now called Yuta Higuchi.  While details of his past in Johnny’s have not been touched on, the magazine shows Yuta, 20 cm taller than before (150 cm during his time at Johnny’s, 170 cm now), that he is a fan of K-POP and J-POP, and he plans to sing in the finals if he is chosen.


The JUNON Superboy Contest has four elimination stages:

Firstly, applications are open to anyone aged between 13 to 22 who is signed to a talent agency, model agency, or record company.

Secondly, successful applicants are taken through an interview process and have camera tests.  About 100 finalists are chosen, and this is again narrowed down to 50.

The third stage largely involves public votes where JUNON readers narrow the top 50 list down to 40, 30, to the finalists who will battle it off on stage.

The final stage takes place in November where industry professionals decide on the winner based on their stage performance (eg. singing).


Best of luck to Yuta!

JUNON's September 2011 edition

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  1. Frah
    00:59 JST July 28, 2011 at 12:59 AM

    Thank you, now I can understand more about how work this contest! I hope he win! _<)

    • 11:26 JST July 29, 2011 at 11:26 AM


      Thanks for commenting!
      Awesome, good to hear I’m actually helping someone 🙂

      Momo xoxo

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