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Sho Sakurai and Aoi Miyazaki come to movie event in a 30 million yen limo

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Actress Aoi Miyazaki at Monday's event in Tokyo (photo thanks to Yomiuri Shimbun)

The stars of upcoming movie “神様のカルテ (Kamisama no Karute)” were welcomed in style in Tokyo on July 25 as they attended an event to talk about their time on set, reports Yomiuru Shimbun and Nikkan Sports.


The film is based on a true-story-turned-best-seller-novel of the same name, and portrays the harsh reality of regional doctors through one young doctor (Sho Sakurai) as he grows as a person, and is supported by his wife (Aoi Miyazaki).

“There were many first-time experiences, and throughout the one-and-a-half months of shooting I had a lot of challenges to overcome, concerns, and sometimes getting through a shoot was really tough.  But now when I look back at it, it was all worth it,” Sakurai said.


More than 800 fans and pink confetti welcomed Sakurai and Miyazaki as they stepped out of the largest limo available in Japan – a 10-metre long Ford Excursion worth 30 million yen.

“I got excited by the limousine,” he said.


It has been reported the Arashi star was a bit too excited he made a few slip ups during his speech, but in the end did not forget to tell people what his movie was all about.

“It’s a very sweet, warm story.  It tells you that you don’t have to live life on your own.  You can depend on someone, and in turn, you can be there for them.  I hope people get that message,” he said.


“神様のカルテ (Kamisama no Karute)” opens in Japan theatres on August 27.

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