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A.B.C-Z and Kansai Johnny’s Jr. announce upcoming stage show, injured Kawai to come back in wheelchair

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Johnny’s Jr. group A.B.C-Z and members from Kansai Johnny’s Jr. appeared at a press conference for their upcoming musical “少年たち 格子無き牢獄 (Shonentachi: Koushi naki Rougoku)” in Tokyo on August 1, reports Chunichi Sports, Nikkan Sports, and Sports Hochi.


The musical has been performed by a string of Johnny’s talents over the years since 1965.  Last year A.B.C-Z and Kis-My-Ft2 brought the show back to the Tokyo stage scene after a 17-year break.  This year, both east and west Johnny’s Jr. talents will perform the show at Nissay Theatre in central Tokyo.


It has been reported A.B.C-Z’s Fumito Kawai, who had injured his left foot during a performance of “PLAYZONE” last month, made it out of hospital yesterday in a wheelchair to attend the press conference.  The talent revealed he would undergo surgery on August 3, but remained optimistic about his upcoming performance even though he might not be ready physically.

“I might be able to dance, but I feel like I’m nothing unless I’m on stage.  I want to be able to go on like the way I am now,” he said.


The talent is scheduled to be released from hospital by mid-August.  Because of this, Johnny’s & Associates president Johnny Kitagawa had said the script for the show might be re-written to allow Kawai to perform in a wheelchair.

“I want to give Kawai an opportunity.  Something like he broke his leg while trying to protect his friends,” he said.


Kansai Johnny’s Jr. talent Akito Kiriyama said he was looking forward to performing in Tokyo.

“I hope we can set off the power we’ve accumulated from Kansai in the Nissay (Theatre),” he said.


“少年たち 格子無き牢獄 (Shonentachi: Koushi naki Rougoku)” will be performed in Tokyo’s Nissay Theatre from September 5 to 29.


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