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Kamenashi plays a humanoid monster in upcoming drama

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Yokai Ningen Bem anime characters: (from left) Bem, Berro, and Bera

Dreaming of becoming a human one day, KAT-TUN’S Kazuya Kamenashi’s upcoming drama role will be a monster who fights for human justice, it was revealed on August 9, reports Asahi Shimbun and The Television.


“妖怪人間ベム (Yokai Ningen Bem)” is a popular anime series from 1968, which will now become a live-action drama series.  The story follows three humanoid monsters, Bem (Kamenashi), Bera (Anne), and Berro (Fuku Suzuki) who fight against evil monsters to protect humanity, and who hope their good actions will turn them into humans one day.  At the time the anime was on air, the show’s motto, “はやく人間になりたい! (we want to be human!)”, became widely known across the country.


Although setting and period of the story were never fully revealed in the anime, the drama series will take place in today’s modern society.


Kamenashi’s character Bem has been depicted as a gentleman who rarely speaks.  The drama’s producers have said they chose Kamenashi because they thought he was capable of showing Bem as a tough, but kind humanoid monster who has also experienced sadness in his own life and environment.


“I wasn’t part of the generation who got to see the anime when it was on TV, but it’s a very famous story so I was surprised and felt very privileged (to have gotten this role).  This is my first time putting on special effects makeup and playing a monster, and the message embedded in the story is very important so I want to do my best to get into character,” Kamenashi said.


“妖怪人間ベム (Yokai Ningen Bem)” will go on air from October 2011.

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