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Doctor praises Sho Sakurai’s acting skills in upcoming movie

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99-year-old physician Shigeaki Hinohara at yesterday's movie event holding a bouquet of sunflowers sent in by actress Mitsuko Mori (photo thanks to Cinema Today)

Arashi’s Sho Sakurai got a seal of approval for his portrayal of a doctor by more than a hundred nurses and a celebrated doctor at a special event in Tokyo on August 15, reports Sports Hochi and Sponichi Annex.


It has been reported 130 nurses were invited to a special screening of “神様のカルテ (Kamisama no Karute)“, followed by a talk show between Sakurai and Shigeaki Hinohara, one of the world’s longest-serving doctors.  Hinohara is currently 99-years-old and still works as Director of Tokyo’s St. Luke’s International Hospital.


“I’m scared about having real physicians watch this,” Sakurai said.


But even so, Hinohara said he was impressed with the Johnny’s talent’s approach to the character.

“The way he works with the nurses and his patients is very good.  He’s a great actor,” he said.


It has been reported the two also joked around.

“While I was watching Sakurai-san in the movie, I thought, ‘he’s wearing the same glasses as me’.  Does that mean that as long as I wear these glasses I can be in a movie too,” Hinohara said.

“Sensei, please don’t take my job away from me,” Sakurai said.


“神様のカルテ (Kamisama no Karute)” opens in cinemas in Japan on August 27.


Photo credits: Cinema Today and Kamisama no Karute movie website

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