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Takuya Kimura can’t wait to see Chinese fans

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Ahead of SMAP’s first overseas concert, Takuya Kimura talked about how excited he was about performing in China at a press conference in Beijing on August 16, reports Daily Sports Online and Nikkan Sports.


It has been reported in front of more than 200 journalists and 50 fans, Kimura talked about his thoughts on his first overseas concert.

“I’ve always wanted to perform in China.  I want to enjoy this.  We know how much the Chinese people think of us.  I hope we can perform in Shanghai where we weren’t able to [last year].”


Kimura also thanked the Chinese for their help following the Tohoku earthquake.

“We received a lot of warm-hearted support from the Chinese people following the Tohoku earthquake.  We want to put our all into this concert to show Japan’s ‘energy’,” he said.


The Johnny’s talent also said he was looking forward to meeting his Chinese fans.

“When I’m singing I always look at every fan’s eyes, but I think there will be a lot of beautiful people coming to our Beijing concert so maybe I’ll have a hard time looking away,” he said.


In the past, SMAP were meant to perform at the World Expo in Shanghai in June 2010, but had to cancel after fears surfaced that overwhelming fan crowds could lead to chaos.  The group’s second attempt at a concert in Shanghai in October 2010 also had to be canceled following souring political relations between China and Japan after a Chinese trawler and Japanese coast guard patrol boat collided in disputed waters off Okinawa.


It has been reported the group will fly into Beijing on September 15, perform their concert the following day, and do a string of TV interviews and press conferences before flying home to Japan.

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