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Arashi’s Masaki Aiba is the new Best Jeanist

18:23 JST October 5, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Arashi’s Masaki Aiba has been voted the “male celebrity who suits jeans the most” at this year’s Best Jeanist awards in Japan, it was revealed at a ceremony in Tokyo on October 5, reports Asahi Shimbun and Sponichi Annex.

At today’s 28th Best Jeanist awards 2011, two new celebrities took the top honours; Aiba in the men’s catergory, and actress Meisa Kuroki in the women’s.

After being given his award, and the Johnny’s talent did not hide his appreciation.

“I want to say a big thank you to everyone who voted.  I’m so happy.  I never would’ve dreamed that I’d win an award like this.  I can’t believe it.  I think I’m going to make it a family treasure!”

It has been reported at the ceremony, Aiba wore a pair of slightly wide damage jeans, which he bought especially for the day.  Although he had already told the other Arashi members about his win, Aiba said they took no part in choosing his outfit for today.

“The other members were helping me decide what to wear today, but after a while they started to fool around and say things like I should put a cut here or something.  But I knew today I had to be serious so I haven’t taken in any of their suggestions,” he said.

Aiba also added he would take a photo of his award plaque and send it to the other members.

The Arashi star said he wears jeans a lot, and talked about what he liked about them.

“I like the fact that you can wear jeans anywhere regardless of the situation.  I’ve got about 15 to 20 pairs, I can’t throw them out.  (When I buy jeans I look at their) size, how comfortable they are, and the colour.  But I think size is my biggest priority.”

Finally, Aiba said he would do his best to live up to his award’s value on Arashi’s “Mannequin 5” segment of their weekly show “ひみつの嵐ちゃん (Himitsu no Arashi-chan)” where members compete against one another with an outfit they select themselves, but admitted it would not be easy.

“It’s going to be hard.  What do I do…  Maybe I’ll just call in sick on the day we shoot it,” he said.

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