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NEWS Yuya Tegoshi will star in upcoming “Hotarunohikari” movie in 2012

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Hotarunohikari stars Haruka Ayase and Naohito Fujiki on-location filming in Italy (photo thanks to movie website)

Filmed on the streets of Rome, and a possible love square involving a pure-hearted boy played by Yuya Tegoshi’s (NEWS) are some of the new additions to the upcoming “Hotarunohikari” movie, reports Oricon.

The “Hotarunohikari” movie is a sequel to the two drama series, which are also based on the popular manga series of the same name.  The story follows the love life of Hotaru Amemiya, played by actress Haruka Ayase in the drama series and upcoming movie.  A typical “干物女 (himono-onna)”, Hotaru is a professional businesswoman at work, but once at home, she turns into a lazy, beer-drinking couch potato.

It has been reported the movie starts two years after the second drama series, when Hotaru and Seiichi had reached their happy ending together.  The couple are heading to Italy to fulfill Seiichi’s dream of going on a romantic getaway to Rome with the woman he loves.  During their holiday, however, the two run into another 干物女 (himono-onna), played by Yasuko Matsuyuki, and her little brother, played by Tegoshi, who turn their honeymoon into another chaotic disaster.

Tegoshi’s comment has been released on the movie’s website:

“I watched the first and second drama series and really liked its sense of rhythm.  I related to the characters in the first series, sometimes I’d get annoyed in front of the TV watching Hotaru and how ignorant she was at reading a guy’s feelings.  I’d never had the opportunity to join a story that I’d been watching beforehand so I was really excited to be able to work with Hotaru and Bucho-san.  The atmosphere on set and the production team were cheerful, even the Italian production team were cheerful.  The mood on set was exactly like the story itself so it was easy to blend in.”

To see Tegoshi’s comment on the website, click here.

Tegoshi's comment on the movie's website

The movie will be released next summer in Japan.

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