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Arashi get show on NHK

10:41 JST October 28, 2011 3 comments

Scene from Ninomiya's report on Arashi's NHK show (photo thanks to Oricon)

Arashi fans will see their favourite stars meeting people and finding new things in different areas around Japan in their special show on NHK, reports Oricon and Chunichi Sports.


“嵐の明日に架ける旅 (Arashi no Ashita ni Kakeru Tabi)” will be shown on November 23 at 19:30 local time in Japan, and will feature all of the Arashi members going around Japan to find inspiring stories to cheer on the Japanese people getting over from the March 11 disaster.


It has been reported Satoshi Ohno had visited Miyagi prefecture, and met a group of people putting on superhero shows for children in the earthquake disaster zone.  Kazunari Ninomiya had visited Wakayama prefecture, and went to a family-run soy sauce factory determined to keep using an almost 200-year-old recipe.  Jun Matsumoto had visited a small factory in Saitama prefecture, which creates accessories that have become a must-have for celebrities around the globe.  Sho Sakurai had visited Toyama prefecture where he met at woman who made the decision to go home and help her parents on their farm.  Masaki Aiba had met a goggle-eyed goby fisherman with a unique way of fishing, and tries it himself.


“Through this show, I learnt about Japanese people, their skills, traditions, and how close they are to one another.  I hope everyone can get a sense of how amazing it was,” Ninomiya said.

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