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Ikuta and movie cast congratulate first-time father Higashiyama

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The cast of “源氏物語 千年の謎 (Genji-monogatari Sen-nen no Nazu, The Tale of Genji: A One-thousand-year mystery)” congratulated Johnny’s senior talent Noriyuki Higashiyama, who became a father on November 4, during their movie’s event in Tokyo on November 7, reports Sports Hochi.

Higashiyama’s wife, actress Yoshino Kimura, gave birth to their baby daughter earlier this month.  It has been reported Higashiyama was by her side at the time.

“I felt feelings beyond anything I’ve ever felt, but for some reason, instead of crying I couldn’t stop laughing,” Higashiyama said.

At the movie event, Higashiyama and the cast lined up on stage as they waited for the arrival of their movie’s lead character, played by Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta.  Ikuta appeared, from the ceiling, standing on a gondola that lowered him down onto stage.

“That was embarrassing,” Ikuta said before walking in front of Higashiyama to give him his personal congratulations.

“I want to take this opportunity to say congratulations!  Coupled with the our movie’s birthday, now I’m doubly happy,” he said.

Movie director Yasuo Tsuruhashi also sent his congratulations to Higashiyama on behalf of the production team.

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