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Jun Matsumoto talks about his upcoming detective drama

18:58 JST November 11, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto will team up with actors Eita and Yo Oizumi for an upcoming winter drama in 2012, reports TV company Fuji TV on November 11.


The “Lucky Seven” drama will be set in a tiny detective agency in Tokyo where seven detectives team up to solve cases.  The drama promises a lot of action, laughter, and positive attitude that Fuji TV producers expect it to appeal to a wide audience from children to adults.


Matsumoto will play newcomer detective Shuntaro Tokita, a guy who can’t keep his feelings out of his job.  Although detectives are supposed to stay calm in light of an investigation, Shuntaro keeps getting into trouble for doing a lot more than he’s supposed to.


Matsumoto’s comment on the Fuji TV website is as follows:

“I’m looking forward to spending some intense time with this team.  I hope we can work so well with one another that people watching the show will go, ‘I want to be a part of this team!’.

“I’m also looking forward to what kind of action sequences the director, Mr Sato, has in mind.  I’m expecting great things.

“I haven’t worked with Eita-san in a while.  We might be rivals, but I hope we can make it work together.

“Oizumi-san has an ability to make everyone on set really cheerful so I’m looking forward to working with him again!

“The other cast members haven’t been announced yet, but like the title says, there are seven of us who work as a team to solve each mystery.  I think these seven individuals of different ages and genders will make this a drama full of laughter, action, and make your heart race.”





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