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Sexy Zone’s first event attracts 12,000 fans

11:42 JST November 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

One night before their official debut, Johnny’s group Sexy Zone had their first fan event in Yokohama on November 15, reports Oricon.


The event attracted 12,000 fans who came to catch a glimpse of Johnny’s new group with an average age of 14-and-a-half.

“This is the CD debut we’ve been waiting for, I’m so happy!  It all starts from here so I hope you’ll continue to support us,” Shori Sato said.

“I was worried whether anyone would come, but I’m so so happy that so many people have turned up,” Fuma Kikuchi said.

“I’ll never forget about today!  I’ve been able to meet you all in this huge venue,” So Matsushima said.


The group’s first meet and greet event, where fans can shake hands with group members, is scheduled for Christmas day, but Kikuchi made a surprise announcement last night.

“As much as time lets us, we want to meet you now!”

This prompted a meet and greet session to begin on the spot.


At yesterday’s event the group performed a medley of their debut songs “Sexy Zone” and “With you ~ Sexy Zone”, which are theme songs to this year’s Volleyball World Cup 2011.  Sexy Zone are the tournament’s special supporters.

“Many of our seniors like V6 and Arashi have played this traditional role of special supporters, and I think that through this, the five of us can grow to be something bigger,” Kikuchi said.

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