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Jin Akanishi in VOGUE JAPAN’s January edition

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(January 2012 edition of VOGUE JAPAN. photo thanks to Oricon)

Jin Akanishi says he just wants to make something good, the star said his VOGUE interview, reports Oricon.

The January 2012 edition of VOGUE goes on sale today in Japan.  Akanishi was interviewed in LA, and talked in English about where he wants to go now having crossed over to the US and gotten a iTunes dance chart No.1 single.


Akanishi has never stopped surprising fans.  Last year, he parted from Johnny’s group KAT-TUN, embarked on a five-city US tour, and this year made his US debut as JIN AKANISHI.  The star said his reason for moving to the US was because of his love for American music.  Although he was a big fan of hip hop, Akanishi said he did not want to be constricted to one genre.

“Music that’s popular is changing all the time, you have to aim one step ahead.  I just want to make something good,” he said.


Akanishi also talks about his work on his upcoming album, which is set to be released next year.

“It’s tough when I’m writing songs.  It’s really hard work.  But then the sense of achievement I get when I’ve finished a song is just too great.”


The VOGUE interview also includes fashion shots of Akanishi.

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