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Goro Inagaki keen to help his juniors

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SMAP’s Goro Inagaki talked about how he was looking forward to working with Sexy Zone’s Shori Sato, it was revealed at his drama’s press conference in Tokyo on January 5, reports Sponichi Annex.


Inagaki has been cast in the new winter drama “Hungry!”, and plays the lead character’s (Osamu Mukai) rival.  Another Johnny’s talent cast in show is Shori Sato, his first drama series, who has been cast as the leading lady character’s (Miori Takimoto) little brother.

“I want to bring a fresh face to the show,” Sato said.

It has been reported Inagaki jumped in to help the somewhat nervous Sato.

“I’m going to do my best and smile just as better as Sato-kun and just like a fresh and succulent tomato,” Inagaki said.


Although the two talents do not have any scenes together, Inagaki said he would like to help Sato as much as possible.

“I hope Sato-kun and I have scenes together.  He’s cute.  Just before, Sato-kun was telling me he wants to eat 中トロ (chutoro tuna), and I’d like to take him out to eat some chutoro tuna.  It’s an advance investment for a talent who will be the next big thing.  I may not be qualified enough, but I’m willing to help him if he has any problems,” Inagaki said.


Cast chart for "Hungry" (thanks to drama website)


Check out the “Hungry!” drama website here.

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