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Shigeaki Kato’s Pink and Gray website

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Maybe I’m slow, because I didn’t know the existence of the Pink and Gray website, or that it had a lovely photo of Shige, or that there were messages from him uploaded to the website, or that there were downloadable wallpapers.

Shige's message on the website

“I just love <people>.  My decision to write a book stemmed from my curiosity of wanting to learn about people, and learn more about myself through people.  I am extremely happy that my work has taken shape in this way.  Another thing, as the newborn NEWS, we will have a new beginning.   Changing my name was my way of starting fresh again, and at the same time I hope it’ll be a plus for NEWS.  I have confronted this project with everything I have and I hope that as many people as possible will read this book.” (translation)

I’m slow again, but it wasn’t until this morning that I noticed that Shige had changed the Japanese spelling of his name.  His name ‘Shigeaki’ has been changed from the kanji ‘成亮’ to the katakana ‘シゲアキ’.

Shige’s message to fans, dated January 20, is as below:



“Having written a book, it has given me the chance to go to interviews that only a writer would experience.

“I get nervous during interviews, like a jolt of electricity runs down my back, just by reading the names of all the writers in the contents of literature magazines.  I’ve enjoyed it a lot, like when one word that pops out of my mouth leads to a surprising story, and I’ve been able to hear stories about other writers.  My brain’s been working as hard as it can, and it’s required a lot of concentration so I make sure I get a good sleep to charge up my batteries when I get home.  But each and every interview is really fun.

“Another thing is that when I get my photo taken, the cameraman doesn’t ask me to smile.  It’s like they want to capture my natural self, it’s a new experience.  I think it’ll show people a side of me that isn’t so ‘boys band Shigeaki Kato’.

“The novel is something different too.  I wrote it with the intention of excluding things inside me that shout ‘boy band’, so I think the book shows a different side of me people usually don’t see.” (translation)

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Masaki Aiba thinks he’s like a bear cub

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Bear brothers (thanks to movie website)

Animal talk was at the centre of Arashi’s Masaki Aiba and his co-narrators’ press conference in Tokyo on January 23 for their upcoming documentary movie, reports News 24.

It has been reported Aiba, comedian Gori, actress Masami Nagasawa, and Hitomi Kuroki turned up to promote “日本列島 いきものたちの物語 (Nihon-retto Ikimonotachi no Monogatari)“, a documentary movie about Japanese wildlife through the four seasons in a year.

“I had also been interested in Japan’s nature and wildlife even before I got to work on this film so I felt very lucky to have been invited (as a narrator),” Aiba said.

Aiba’s story follows two bear brothers.  It has been reported at the press conference, Aiba said one bear was just like him.

“Like humans, they have their own personalities.  You have the responsible older brother and the clumsy little brother.  Well, he’s actually just a bear cub who can’t do anything…which is like me, I guess.”

“日本列島 いきものたちの物語 (Nihon-retto Ikimonotachi no Monogatari)” opens in Japan cinemas on February 4.


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