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Sho Sakurai to play lead in war drama

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Arashi’s Sho Sakurai and AKB48’s Yuko Oshima will play side by side in an upcoming special drama, it was revealed in January 24, reports Sankei Sports.


“ブラックボード〜時代と戦った教師たち〜 (Blackboard ~Jidai to Tatakatta Kyoshi-tachi~)” is a three-part drama to be broadcast in Japan in April for three consecutive nights.  The story’s setting is post-war Japan, and the country’s teachers are adopting the new democratic education system, but one junior high school teacher (Sakurai) is torn between the old militarist way and the new.

“I want to deliver a post-war Japan story that’s never been told,” Sakurai said.


Sakurai’s character begins as a Japanese history teacher during the war, and is a firm believer in the militarist education.  But after losing his right arm in battle and making a return to education as a social studies teacher, he struggles with the fact that he has to eradicate his militarist teaching.

“There are many ways to talk about war, but I had always thought I’d like to communicate it through a drama,” he said.


Producers at TV company TBS have said in February, Sakurai will be coached by a military official in order to learn how to act like a war veteran, and will have his hair cut short to look the part.


Sakurai’s co-star Oshima will play an English teacher who embraces the new education system.  Although she fights a lot with Sakurai’s character, she eventually falls in love with him.


The Arashi star also said the drama’s meaning can be related to life today, almost 70 years after WWII.

“Facing the future with your children, but feeling conflicted inside.  I think there’s a story about post-war Japan that hasn’t been told that’s behind it.”

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