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Summary of the effect of Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki’s marriage on their careers

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I know there’s lots of news going around, but here’s a snippet of what I’ve found recently that you may not have heard of…?  Or am I that slow… Momo

Johnny’s President upset he was not told the news earlier

Johnny Kitagawa was not happy Jin Akanishi did not tell him he was getting married to Meisa Kuroki, the Johnny’s president told press on February 10, reports Chunichi Sports.

The two stars were officially married on February 2, announcing it to the press on February 9, with some reports stating Kuroki is pregnant.

“I think [their relationship and marriage] is wonderful but I hadn’t been told anything.  I had gotten one phone call [after they got married], that’s it.  I wish he’d had contacted me more,” Kitagawa said.

It has been reported Kitagawa had explained now – January and February – was not best time for the agency either, who were more than busy with most of their talents getting ready or performing in concerts and shows.

Kitagawa continued to talk about Akanishi’s independent personality, but said the talent is no longer able to use it as a reason for his behaviour.

“I guess I have to accept it in a way though, it’s in his nature to do things by himself.

“But now he has think about someone else.  He needs to understand he’s responsible for her career too.  She has a job to do too, they can’t do things that would cause trouble for the other person,” he said.

When asked whether Akanishi would receive some sort of punishment, the Johnny’s president said Akanishi would not get away so easily.

“I’m the one who has to take full responsibility if he does anything wrong, so I do need to think of something.”

Meisa Kuroki’s career in danger?

If Meisa Kuroki is pregnant, the shock could force her to retire from showbiz, reports Nikkan Gendai on February 13.

First was canceling her live guest appearance on TV show Coming Soon!! on February 13, where there had been a lot of talk about what the show’s host Masahiro Nakai (SMAP) would say to her.  Then came the cancellation of her event, scheduled for March 4, which was supposed to have invited fans who bought Kuroki’s second music album “UNLOCKED”.

It has been reported Kuroki has continued to apologise, but the chatter is not slowing down.

The other problems concern her contracts with six major companies including EPSON and UNIQLO.

According to a Nikkan Gendai source, Kuroki’s latest contract involved promoting the Subaru BRZ car, which had only started playing commercials on air on February 8.  Because Kuroki’s marriage news is good news rather than bad news, Subaru is unlikely to drop Kuroki, but it may hinder the car’s sales.

Chunichi Sports reports all commercial involving products Kuroki endorses are still running on air.

A representative from food company Morinaga said, “we are waiting for word from [Kuroki’s] agency so that we can discuss our options”.  In a worst-case scenario, if Kuroki is found to have breached their contract, her agency could be requested to pay for damages.

Nikkan Gendai reports if one company terminates their contract with Kuroki, it is possible other companies will do the same.

It has been reported Kuroki’s grandmother who lives in Okinawa had said, “I really wish she would come back to live in Okinawa”.

Hideaki Takizawa’s reaction to the news (Chunichi Sports)

“It was his decision, and it’s something to celebrate.  I hope it’ll motivate him to work harder now.  I hope both of them can stay true to each other,” Takizawa said.

When asked whether he had received any prior notification, Takizawa said, “I can’t answer that”.

Johnny Kitagawa, who was at the same press conference as Takizawa was surprised at his talent’s comment, and asked him not to do the same.

“Tackey, if this happens to you, I hope you can talk to me about it beforehand,” Kitagawa said.

Jin Akanishi has had family plans for years

Gossip magazine Josei Seven has reported Jin Akanishi had been thinking of marriage for years, reports News Post Seven on February 16.

The Johnny’s star has maintained his bad boy image for years, but an interview with Josei Seven in November 2010 paints a picture of an Akanishi ready for marriage.

“I didn’t go out for dinner much when I was living in LA, I’d cook all kinds of things with friends.  When I was doing that, I’d have serious thoughts about getting married.  Like, wouldn’t life be easier if I had a wife.  If the timing’s right then I’m ready to get married any time.  I want my first baby to be a girl, and I want three kids.  But I think I’ll get jealous when my daughter starts bringing home a boyfriend.”

  1. sama_02
    11:55 JST February 18, 2012 at 11:55 AM

    I know it’s their life and all but you have to think about the consequences of getting married and how it would effect your current deals and contracts. I understand that perhaps they got married without saying anything is because they knew that their agency would not allow it. But I understand both agencys and i understand Jin’s decisions. I wish them the best and I hope this would not effect their contracts and their fans support. I still support them 100%.

    • 15:31 JST February 19, 2012 at 3:31 PM


      Thanks for you comment, I hope the two get through all of this too 🙂

      Momo xoxo

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