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Eightranger movie coming out this July

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Catching up on old news… Momo

Kanjani8’s superhero concert act “Eightranger” will turn into a real feature movie to be released this summer, reports Yomiuri Online and Movie Walker.


The group’s “Eightranger” act was first performed during their December concert in 2005.  A parody to superhero ranger team series, the act has been a regular performance during Kanjani8 concerts for the past seven years, during which the group had created various stories.  The movie will use the concert acts as a foundation, and it will be a human drama about seven heroes living in Eight City, a metropolis in the future.  An evil organisation starts destroying this world, prompting a team of seven heroes to stand up and fight to bring back peace to their home.


It is the first time in five years a Johnny’s group have all starred in a feature film together.  The last was Arashi in 2007 with “黄色い涙 (Kiroi Namida, Yellow Tears)”.


Yu Yokoyama, who was the original brains behind Eightranger, had said he was overwhelmed with making the movie.

“I was so surprised.  I had no idea something that I was playing around with would get an opportunity like this,” he said.


Yokoyama also said the movie’s friendship theme was important.

“I think it’s what society needs today.  I also think people will enjoy seeing how seriously we take our fooling around.”


On top of this, each Kanjani8 hero’s real identity has a very real weakness.  Black Ranger (Yokoyama) has an gambling addiction, Red Ranger (Subaru Shibutani) is an alcoholic, Purple Ranger (Shingo Murakami) is too nice, Orange Ranger (Ryuhei Maruyama) is addicted to online shopping and does not like socialising, Blue Ranger (Shota Yasuda) loves anything blue and is too nice, Yellow Ranger (Ryo Nishikido) is a show-off and really stubborn, and Green Ranger (Tadayoshi Okura) can never say ‘no’ to something.  The team’s leader is legendary hero Captain Silver, played by actor Hiroshi Tachi.


“Eightranger” will start filming on March 6 and is expected to finish by mid-April.  The film will open in Japan cinemas on July 28.

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