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Jun Matsumoto congratulates Shun Oguri on getting married

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With news going around about actor Shun Oguri and model/actress Yu Yamada getting married, Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto released his own message of congratulations on March 12, reports Daily Sports Online.

“When you told me about it, you were glowing.  You’re so cool Shun Oguri!!  Listening to you talk about it made me really happy.  I hope the days you will share together in the future will be full of happiness.  All of us friends will be there for you too.  Let me take you out some time to celebrate!!  Shun Oguri-san, Yu-san, congratulations.”

Matsumoto and Oguri are good friends and have worked together for the 花より男子 (Hana yori Dango) drama series.

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Johnny’s senior talent gets scratch on car and no apology

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Someone scratched the car of Johnny’s senior talent Kenichi Okamoto and ran off, it was found on March 12, reports Sponichi Annex.

It has been reported Okamoto had parked his overseas brand car in a coin parking lot in Ikebukuro on March 9.  When he came back, he found scratch marks on the right fender of his car, but no note or apology from whoever did it.  The Johnny’s talent and Hey! Say! JUMP member Keito Okamaoto’s father went to the local police.  Ikebukuro police are now investigating.

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