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UPDATE: Tokyo Tower to get Arashi makeover this week

15:44 JST March 15, 2012 2 comments

Yesterday, I wrote a story about the Arashi Tokyo Tower and wrote about what Aiba wants to do this spring.  Here the other four Arashi members’ answers:


Q: Because the name “華嵐” means “Flowering Arashi”, is there anything you want to flower this spring? (i.e. what do you want succeed at or challenge this spring?)

Matsumoto: There’s a growing number of books I’ve been wanting to read.  My drama series is about to finish so I want to read books!

Sakurai: There are a number of games on VS Arashi, but last week I was chosen and the Worst Worst Arashi player.  I hope that I can change my worst Arashi player status by taking part in different games.

Ninomiya: I want to watch all of the shows (promoted by Hana-Arashi).

Ohno: I’ve already started my challenge, filming my drama!


To check out the Hana-Arashi website, click here.

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V6 leader Sakamoto becomes new TV chef

15:27 JST March 15, 2012 1 comment

V6 leader Masayuki Sakamoto will swap the microphone and fancy costumes for an apron and kitchen knife from April, it was announced on March 14, reports Sankei Sports.


It has been reported Fuji TV is starting a new show on April 2 called “ノンストップ! (Nonstop!)” (Mon ~ Fri from 9:55am), which will feature a cooking session every Friday lead by Sakamoto.


The V6 leader has said his family owns a grocery shop and so he practically grew up surrounded by food and cooking.

“Enjoy watching how I can use a kitchen knife and frying pan!”


In the past Sakamoto has even said how cooking is more than a hobby for him.

“It’s a dream of mine to own a small restaurant, something like 30-metres-squared,” he said.


It has been reported the cooking session will also feature Sakamoto going out to buy the ingredients himself, giving people the chance to see where their food comes from and who makes it.

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Toma Ikuta congratulates his close friend Shun Oguri for getting married

15:12 JST March 15, 2012 2 comments

Johnny’s actor Toma Ikuta talked about how he has been friends with newlyweds Shun Oguri and Yu Yamada for years at an event in Tokyo on March 14, reports Sponichi Annex.


It has been reported Ikuta and actress Yuriko Yoshitaka had been attending a special White Day event to promote their movie “僕等がいた (Bokura ga ita)” at Atomi University in Tokyo.  It was the same day actor Shun Ogiri and model/actress Yu Yamada had gotten married, and Ikuta was happy to talk to the press about it.

“Today’s been a really happy day for me too.  It makes me happy because I’ve been one of Oguri-kun’s friends who has been there for him since he started going out with Yu-chan and I hope they’ll be happy together.”


It has been reported Ikuta had spent New Year’s on holiday with Oguri and Yamada in Hawaii.  The Johnny’s talent had even said a while ago Oguri already told him they were planning on getting married.

“Yu-chan never hesitates to talk to [Oguri’s friends].  I think they’re perfect together.  Both of them love kids so I think they’ll make a great family.”

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Toyota keep airing Takuya Kimura car commercials despite license suspension

14:58 JST March 15, 2012 1 comment

A suspended license and being caught twice speeding have not stopped Toyota from pulling their Takuya Kimura commercials from TV, reports Chunichi Sports and Sponichi Annex.


On March 14 it had been announced the SMAP star had been caught speeding twice, once in September 2011 and again in January 2012 when he was caught 20km over the speed limit and had his license suspended.


Toyota have been running commercials featuring Kimura since October 2011.  On March 15 representatives from the company had announced it was regrettable Kimura had broken road rules, but they have decided not to pull the ads since the Johnny’s talent has shown true remorse at his actions.

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