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V6 leader Sakamoto becomes new TV chef

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V6 leader Masayuki Sakamoto will swap the microphone and fancy costumes for an apron and kitchen knife from April, it was announced on March 14, reports Sankei Sports.


It has been reported Fuji TV is starting a new show on April 2 called “ノンストップ! (Nonstop!)” (Mon ~ Fri from 9:55am), which will feature a cooking session every Friday lead by Sakamoto.


The V6 leader has said his family owns a grocery shop and so he practically grew up surrounded by food and cooking.

“Enjoy watching how I can use a kitchen knife and frying pan!”


In the past Sakamoto has even said how cooking is more than a hobby for him.

“It’s a dream of mine to own a small restaurant, something like 30-metres-squared,” he said.


It has been reported the cooking session will also feature Sakamoto going out to buy the ingredients himself, giving people the chance to see where their food comes from and who makes it.

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