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Kis-My-Ft2 get their first TV show series

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The popularity of Kis-My-Ft2’s special TV variety show last December has lead to another variety special and their own variety TV series to start in April, reports Oricon.


It has been reported the show “濱キス (Hama-Kis)” will have a special on March 23, and then become a regular series from April 4.

“It was our dream for all seven of us to do a variety show.  We’ve got to do it!  I hope everyone enjoys watching the seven of us do challenges and having fun,” Taisuke Fujigaya said.


The show will feature a Variety School, where Kis-My-Ft2 learn the ins and outs of variety by their co-star comedian Masaru Hamaguchi and another guest comedian.  Following on from the first and second specials, there will also be a lot of challenges awaiting the members.  One includes “Find the Fake Hot Springs!” where members hop into three hot spring baths, but one of them is cold water.  The challenge is to act as best as they can and pretend the cold water bath is a hot one.


Hamaguchi has said he hopes Kis-My-Ft2 members will train so hard they become “variety monsters”.


Member Toshiya Miyata said he had learned a lot from their first variety special and was ready to learn more.

“I’d been thinking how great it would be to become someone who could work in variety shows like Hamaguchi-san.  I’m willing to be stripped bare for our first variety series!”


Hama-Kis will start on April 4, and will be a late-night show running from 1:21 ~ 1:51am.

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