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FiVe members who left Johnny’s start new band

10:30 JST March 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Three ex-Johnny’s Jr. talents have started a new band and are having a good year so far.


FiVe was a four-member band who had played backing music for a number of Johnny’s groups including KinKi Kids, Arashi, and Tackey & Tsubasa.  On New Year’s Eve last year however, keyboardist Daisuke Ishigaki had announced he would separate from FiVe and become a full-time Question? member.  On the same day, vocalist and guitarist Rikiya Nakaegawa, bassist Ryota Uesatom and drummer Koji Makino said they were leaving Johnny’s.


The three have since formed a new three-man band Plan-B.


The group has a few live gigs in Shibuya this month before going on tour to Japan’s Kansai region in April, and another tour of the Tohoku region in May.  To see more details of their live schedule, click here.


To watch Plan-B’s youtube video, click here.


Plan-B are also on Twitter @Plan_B_jp

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