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Yamapi’s secret event with fans

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Only 100 fans got invitations to Tomohisa Yamashita’s secret event on White Day, March 14, and here are some details about what happened, reports Shukan Josei and fan blogs.


Fans could go into the draw to win an invitation by buying Yamashita’s newest single “愛、テキサス (Ai, Texas)”.


It has been reported the lucky fans who won an invitation met in Tokyo, where staff wearing red “I TEXAS” T-shirts and cowboy hats welcomed them and directed them to some buses.


“Inside the bus, Yamapi came onto the TV and said he would guide us around Tokyo to places that were special to him.  We went past Warner Music and the Johnny’s agency buildings,” one fan said.


It has been reported the bus stopped in front of a restaurant, which another fan said did not look expensive but the interior had an Western movie theme to it, which fitted the theme of the event.

“There were about 10 people to each table.  It wasn’t a big place but the stage was so close, and when Yamashita-kun came on stage, his choreographer also came up and taught everyone the dance moves to ‘Ai, Texas’,” one fan said.


Fans also got to listen to Yamapi’s talking a lot.

“He took time to explain to us about leaving NEWS.  He said it wasn’t because they had a fight.  He also said it wasn’t as serious as fans might think, and that it was more like a class change at school.  He also talked a lot about his holiday in the US,” one fan said.


Fans on blogs have reported after the talks, they played bingo with Yamashita.  Two winners got signed posters from Yamashita on the spot.


Then, Yamashita went around each table to take a photo with them.  The event finished with Yamashita waiting by the exit to say goodbye to each fan as they passed by.

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