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Yamapi’s glasses making a members-only bar into a tourist attraction

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When Tomohisa Yamashita forgot his glasses at a bar, it turned the place into a tourist attraction, reports Shukan Josei.

It has been reported the members-only bar in Ebisu, Tokyo, is a favourite of many Japanese celebrities.

“Yamapi is a regular there, apparently he comes by at least once a week.  (Comedian) Lasar Ishii is one of the bar’s owners.  Yamapi comes here a lot with his friends.  Not just other celebrities, but also his own friends,” said one source.

“I’ve seen Kanjani8’s Subaru Shibutani here too.  A lot of comedians come by as well.  They throw birthday parties and mixers here,” said one regular lady customer.

It has been reported Yamapi had forgotten his glasses at the bar after a night out with friends.

“One night around mid-March, at about 10pm, he came here with his ‘Texas project’ team.  Everyone was drinking a lot, especially Yamapi who had at least 10 shots, but it did nothing to him.  He was asking whether the bar had anything stronger,” said one customer.

Apparently the glasses have not been picked up by the talent yet, and have now been placed on the bar’s mannequin.

“Women who come to the bar get all excited about the glasses.  Some of them put them on or even take photos of it.  The word got around so now regular customers are bringing in their Yamapi fan friends.  This place used to be a quiet bar but now it’s like a tourist attraction,” said one regular male customer.

The same regular customer explained why the bar was so popular in the beginning.

“Being a members-only bar is one thing, but the interior is chic and also kind of shady at the same time.  There are inexplicable mannequin statues, and the lights shine directly onto the red walls to give it a real mysterious element.  I’ve seen people use it as the place to try and win a girl,” he said.


Tackey & Tsubasa welcome and see off fans at event in Yokohama

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There was nothing to disappoint Hideaki Takizawa and Tsubasa Imai fans at the duo’s event in Yokohama on April 1, reports News 24.


The “Tackey & Tsubasa 10th Anniversary Special Event” was held in Yokohama Arena, where 15,000 fans had gotten invited after winning a lottery open to those who had bought the duo’s latest concert DVD.  It has been reported as the fans had walked into the arena, Tackey & Tsubasa welcomed them by holding a talk show in a specially-set-up booth.


The event included a Q&A session and games, giving fans a chance to interact with both talents, and in turn a chance for the duo to talk to their fans.

“Yokohama Arena was the first stage we performed at, and it was the place we held our debut press conference.  It’s great to be able to hold our event here, it’ll be another special memory,” Takizawa said.

“There must be people here who have supported us since our junior years, before our debut.  It’s amazing, I’m so grateful,” Imai said.


It has been reported on stage the two performed six of their hit songs including “Ai wa Takaramono”, and a few old songs from their Johnny’s Junior years.

“I’d never thought I’d be singing songs I performed when I was a teenager now when I’m 30,” Imai said.

“You’re alright.  We’re still very much a fresh group,” Takizawa said.


To celebrate Takizawa’s 30th birthday on March 29, Imai had a specially-made figurine of Takizawa in his female “Takizawa Kabuki” stage show character role.

“Wow, that is amazing.  Look at the detail,” Takizawa said.

“I was having so much trouble trying to figure out what to get you, but after a lot of thought I got this ordered,” Imai said.


The 2012 season of “Takizawa Kabuki” starts on April 8, but it has been reported the two talents had promised fans they would see the duo working on projects together this year.

“We’ve each got our solo projects, but this is out tenth year.  I hope we can make it a good year for Tackey & Tsubasa,” Imai said.

“Not only do concerts mean a lot to us, but so do these events.  This is only the first event so there might be a second and third to follow,” Takizawa said.


It has been reported to finish off, the two stood at the arena’s exit to see of their fans.

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