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Toma Ikuta says girls avoided him during high school

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Now a recognised award-winning actor, Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta plays the lead male in his latest film, a movie adaptation of popular girl’s manga series “僕等がいた (Bokura ga Ita)”.  A movie looking at the ups and downs of young love, Ikuta says he has learnt a lot from shojo mangas, reports MORE magazine.


“When you look at high school students, you can see that the girls are more mature than the boys.  I think I figured out why after reading some shojo mangas.  Girls are able to imagine what love is really like, but next to them are a bunch of boys reading ‘Dragonball’ mangas.  Of course there’s going to be a difference (laughs).”


The movie’s story depicts the life of a boy and a girl from when they meet in high school, to when they become adults in their 20s.  It has been reported Ikuta’s own parents had met in high school and later on got married, so in one sense it is perfectly possible.  So what was Ikuta’s love life like in high school?

“I admire couples like my parents and how they fell in love, but…  I’ve been doing this job since I was at school so being able to experience it myself was difficult,” he said.


It has been reported Ikuta had said his best memories were the friendships he made in high school.

“We were just a whole bunch of boys doing stupid things.  I wasn’t popular with girls, in fact, I think they stayed away from me.

“Some of my best friends at high school included a Kabuki actor, a ballet dancer, and an actor so we’d talk about our work.  Like what we’d like to do and stuff…  The future that we talked about is like a source of energy for me now to keep moving forward.”




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