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Higashiyama will be Matt Damon’s voice in Japanese version of “We Bought A Zoo”

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Johnny’s senior talent Noriyuki Higashiyama’s first go at dubbing an actor’s voice for a live action film will begin with Hollywood actor Matt Damon, it was revealed on April 4, reports Daily Sports Online.


The movie “We Bought A Zoo” will be released in Japan on June 8.  It is a comedy about a family who buy a ruined zoo, and follows their efforts to bring the zoo back to life and open for the public.

“I hope audiences (in Japan) can watch this family adventure miracle, and let it remind them of that special person in their own lives,” Higashiyama said.


Higashiyama has been recognised as having a good voice, and has already narrated several documentaries in Japan and has done voice acting for Disney’s animated feature film “Brother Bear”.  It is, however, the first time the Johnny’s talent has done the voice of a character in a live action film.  It is also unusual for Johnny’s to let one of their talents become the voice of a Hollywood actor, but it has been reported they were impressed with the film’s story.


It has been reported recording had finished around late March.  Higashiyama’s concentration surprised production staff as the talent pushed his way through eight-hour recording sessions for two days without stopping.

“The voice is my own interpretation of Matt Damon’s acting,” Higashiyama said.


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