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KAT-TUN members not surprised about Jin Akanishi getting married

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Johnny’s group KAT-TUN opened up about what they thought of their ex-member’s recent marriage during a press conference in Tokyo on April 22, reports Chunichi Sports and Nikkan Sports.

The group had been in town last weekend to perform concerts for the Tokyo leg of their national tour.  The group had said they first found out about Akanishi on the news on February 9.

“I want to say congratulations.  But honestly, we’ve been through a lot so this didn’t surprise me.  Out of everyone, I think the five of us were the least surprised,” Kazuya Kamenashi said.

“He didn’t give any warning before he left the group two years ago, or even when he left to go overseas (in 2006).  I think that’s just his personality,” Koki Tanaka said.

It has been reported Tanaka also commented on the penalties Akanishi was given by Johnny’s for his unconsulted marriage.

“Now he has someone.  His responsibilities will get bigger from now on.  That, I think is the thing he finds hardest to cope with.  But as a working adult, he needs to at least respect the fundamental rules.  It’s not just your own problem anymore,” he said.

But even so, it has been reported Tanaka hoped for the best.

“KAT-TUN is staying positive, and he needs to too,” he said.

The group also touched on how hard it is to cope with getting Akanishi questions thrown at them, but they remain optimistic.

“No matter what we say or don’t say, people say we’re mean.  It’s difficult,” Kamenashi said.

“Every time we have a concert, the lead is about ‘Akanishi’,” Tanaka said.

“Our job is to make people smile!” said Junnosuke Taguchi.

KAT-TUN  have entertained more than 460,000 fans in 12 locations across the country.  Their tour wraps up in Sendai on April 28.

  1. Yan
    16:40 JST April 24, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    “Our job is to make people smile!” said Junnosuke Taguchi.

  2. 10:02 JST April 25, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    You see this is why JUNNO is VERY WISE AND SMART in choosing his words. What making people smile has to do with Jin’s marriage? People might think it’s so KY BUT that’s where the point is. From what I understood, it simply means ‘OUR JOB’ , meaning BOTH KAT-TUN and Jin ‘is to make people smile’ refers to they have to put in a lot of efforts to bring out the best in them so fans would be satisfied and their career will be at stable position. Not only pleasing fans would make sure their finance at top score, but also their fame as both entertainers and adult men will be imaged 🙂 Junno KNOWS how to think for the ahead even when he’s surfacing with hardest question. May looks like he’s crapping but few knows it’s the KY brought him to a power of wisdom and funny at the same time 🙂

    P/s: Love JUNNO ❤

  3. Rhen
    10:09 JST April 25, 2012 at 10:09 AM

    I like that they are happy for Jin yet acknowledge that he is doing things wrong as far as being a professional individual. Everyone seems to have forgotten that there are rules to follow in business, and when a person signs a contract they have to follow those rules. And, if you remember, another Johnny’s entertainer had asked for permission to marry the girl that he loved TWO YEARS before his wedding date; since Jin selfishly married without telling anyone and without permission, he jumped in front of the other Johnny member. I’ve heard that because of Jin’s selfishness, that Johnny member was then NOT allowed to get married and had to wait. Jin’s getting what he deserves in my opinion! Why should we care for a man that is so selfish toward other fellow Johnny’s (as long as he gets what he wants)? I solemnly hope that Jin comes to his senses… but still say that KAT-TUN is the best withOUT Jin!! Long live KT as 5 members!

  4. mariska lodder
    05:54 JST September 10, 2012 at 5:54 AM

    i read it for the first time that he is married now i didn’t know that and i didn’t know he was out of the band buth i wish hhim the best in his marrieds and his music i did watch test drive and i have to say his englisch is really good 😀 hope we will hear allot of him and kat-tun 2 ^^

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