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Shingo Murakami’s soccer supporter dream comes true

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Kanjani8’s Shingo Murakami talked about the soccer supporter job he had been waiting 10 years for during “朝ズバッ! (Asa-zuba!)” on June 1.

It has been reported Murakami has been chosen as TV company TBS’s special navigator for the UEFA EURO 2012, which kicks off on June 8.

“I’d always been saying I was a soccer fan since I was in Kansai Johnny’s Jr., before Kanjani8 began.  But then (TOKIO’s) Taichi Kokubun would cover the World Cup for TBS and everything else so I never got a chance…  But you could say my dream for the past 10 years has come true, and now I can finally be a part of soccer,” Murakami said.

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Kanjani8’s Shota Yasuda gets first lead role in drama

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Shota Yasuda will be making his drama lead debut by fighting a dragon in the fantasy drama series “ドラゴン青年団 (Dragon Seinen-dan)“, it was announced on May 31, reports Daily Sports Online.

It has been reported the drama follows a group of bored teenagers who waste their time in a cafe, until one day when a dragon appears around Tokyo tower and the group get up on their feet to try and defeat the dragon.  In this video game-like, comedy drama Yasuda will play a 光の戦士 (Warrior of Light) who also lacks any motivation.

The real Yasuda, however, is very excited about his new drama.

“The atmosphere is really enjoyable.  I feel like I’m skipping around.  I think this’ll be a really interesting story,” he said.

It has been reported Yasuda promised he would show his character’s lazy side every week, especially in the weekly scene where the group meet in their regular cafe.

“I hope I can give out a lazy vibe.  I think that’ll be the highlight of the show,” he said.

The drama’s director will be Takahiro Miki, who also directed Johnny’s talent Toma Ikuta’s movie “僕等がいた (Bokura ga Ita)”.

The drama’s cast so far includes Misako Renbutsu, Kaname Endo, Chikara Honda, and Yusuke Santamaria.

“ドラゴン青年団 (Dragon Seinen-dan)” starts on July 17.

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NYC are literally very shy guys

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Being afraid of girls and staring at duck tape were some of the things NYC members confessed to during a TV guest appearance on May 29, reports Techinsight.

It has been reported during the TV show “火曜曲 (Kayou-kyoku)“, Ryosuke Yamada and Yuri Chinen opened up about their personal problems with being shy to one of the show’s hosts, Makiko Esumi.

“I have trouble talking to girls,” Yamada said.

“I spent three months shooting a drama, but I never got used to the others,” Chinen said.

The drama Chinen had been talking about was the 2012 drama “最高の人生の終わり方〜エンディングプランナー〜 (Saikou no Jinsei no Owari-kata ~Ending Planner~)”, where Chinen’s senior Tomohisa Yamashita had been playing the lead character.  Perhaps it was being in the same environment as his senior which got him nervous, but Chinen added he did not know how to talk his co-stars or production staff members.

“I spent my time staring at duck tape,” he said.

Although it might sound like a joke, it has been reported Chinen’s co-star and “火曜曲 (Kayou-kyoku)” regular Atsuko Maeda had said it was the truth.

“He’d sit in the corner of the dressing room and play with duck tape,” she said.

In response to their problems, Esumi told the boys that their own actions could not only push away people, but also themselves.

“I think that saying you’re ‘shy’ is acceptable for kids at primary school.  If an adult says they’re ‘shy’, I think it makes you more closed off.  So stop using the phrase ‘shy’,” she said.

Let’s hope the boys of NYC can overcome their problems!

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I’m starting to blog again!

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Finally my back is making some progress!

I can sit at my desk for longer than I could a month ago (still need to get up and do exercises every hour) and I can jog and jump and roll around better than I could at the beginning of the year.


Then there’s the fact that today is June 1, the exact day I started this blog two years ago!

So I’ve spent the last few days thinking today was a good day to start from scratch again.

Two years!  Two years!  (alright, alright…)

When I started this blog in June 2010, I got 339 visitors in the first month.

A year later in June 2011, that number jumped up to 10,135 visitors.

Now the blog is close to getting its 300,000th visitor so I better get some work done!


Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have ever come by my blog.  I’ll try not to let you down!

…and I’m going to try and use Twitter more so I can let people know if my injury flares up again.


Thanks and have a great June 1!


Momo xo

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