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NYC are literally very shy guys

Being afraid of girls and staring at duck tape were some of the things NYC members confessed to during a TV guest appearance on May 29, reports Techinsight.

It has been reported during the TV show “火曜曲 (Kayou-kyoku)“, Ryosuke Yamada and Yuri Chinen opened up about their personal problems with being shy to one of the show’s hosts, Makiko Esumi.

“I have trouble talking to girls,” Yamada said.

“I spent three months shooting a drama, but I never got used to the others,” Chinen said.

The drama Chinen had been talking about was the 2012 drama “最高の人生の終わり方〜エンディングプランナー〜 (Saikou no Jinsei no Owari-kata ~Ending Planner~)”, where Chinen’s senior Tomohisa Yamashita had been playing the lead character.  Perhaps it was being in the same environment as his senior which got him nervous, but Chinen added he did not know how to talk his co-stars or production staff members.

“I spent my time staring at duck tape,” he said.

Although it might sound like a joke, it has been reported Chinen’s co-star and “火曜曲 (Kayou-kyoku)” regular Atsuko Maeda had said it was the truth.

“He’d sit in the corner of the dressing room and play with duck tape,” she said.

In response to their problems, Esumi told the boys that their own actions could not only push away people, but also themselves.

“I think that saying you’re ‘shy’ is acceptable for kids at primary school.  If an adult says they’re ‘shy’, I think it makes you more closed off.  So stop using the phrase ‘shy’,” she said.

Let’s hope the boys of NYC can overcome their problems!

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