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Toma Ikuta plays coldhearted killer in next movie

14:22 JST June 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Cold, merciless, and murderer are things Toma Ikuta will portray in his upcoming violence mystery movie, it was announced on June 11, reports Nikkan Sports.

It has been reported Ikuta will play the lead in a movie-adaptation of Japanese mystery novel “脳男 (Nou-otoko)”, a story about good-looking yet deadly murderer Ichiro Suzuki who undergoes psychiatric tests so doctors and investigators can find out what really happened.

The role will be a huge change from the usually characters Ikuta has played, but producers have said they expect the Johnny’s talent will be able to provide the right look and preparation needed to become the heartless man in the story.  One preparation includes getting in shape for the hand-in-hand combats in which Suzuki attacks his targets.  It has been reported to be Ikuta’s first time at full-scale action sequences, and the film’s director had asked Ikuta to start training half a year ago.  While the actor has lost weight after taking on Kali, Shooto, and Jeet Kune Do martial arts training, he has gained a lot more muscle.

Filming already started this month, and large-scale stunts will also take place including a a scene where a five-storey hospital will be blown up.

“This is a new challenge.  I thought about taking all of my chances on this film ever since I heard about it,” Ikuta said.

“脳男 (Nou-otoko)” is expected to be released in cinemas in February 2013.

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