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PLAYZONE begins 2012 season

13:26 JST July 10, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tsubasa Imai’s 2012 season of PLAYZONE kicked off in Tokyo yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.


On June 9, “PLAYZONE‘12 SONG & DANC‘N PARTⅡ” started at the Aoyama Theatre.  The show has been performed every summer since 1986, and this is Imai’s third year as the lead.


Travis Payne, the American choreographer well-known for choreographing Michael Jackson’s dances in This Is It, was again in charge of sequences in this year’s show.

“Being able to work with Travis is a gift from Michael (Jackson),” Imai said.


New changes to this year’s show include flying wire action six metres in the air during the opening sequence.  Although Imai’s duo partner Hideaki Takizawa is more well-known for doing wire action stunts, Imai said he would do just as good.

“I know usually Tackey does this, but I felt like I wanted to fly too,” he said.


Ex-Hikaru Genji member Atsuhiro Sato will also perform in the show, his first time in five years, and has said he is ready to show people his roller skating dance moves.


“PLAYZONE‘12 SONG & DANC‘N PARTⅡ” will be performed in Tokyo until August 11.


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