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Kazuya Kamenashi in Hokkaido filming Bem movie

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Actors Anne and Fuku Suzuki on location in Hokkaido for the Yokai Ningen Bem movie (photo thanks to Muroran Minpo)

Johnny’s talent Kazuya Kamenashi was in a Hokkaido seaside town from July 3 to 9 filming his upcoming movie “妖怪人間ベム (Yokai Ningen Bem)”, reports Muroran Minpo.


Kamenashi, his co-stars Anne, Fuku Suzuki, and the movie’s production team were in Muroran, Hokkaido, for on-location shooting around the town’s scenic spots.  It has been reported the lighthouse on Daikokujima, just off the mainland will serve as the trio’s home in the film.


It has been reported the movie’s producer had chosen this town because of the right number of factories, mist, mountains, and sea.  Everything needed for the movie’s setting.

“The night lights at the factories are very pretty.  There’s a sense of magic about the place that you could really believe that monsters live here,” Kamenashi said.


“妖怪人間ベム (Yokai Ningen Bem)” is due out in cinemas on December 15.

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