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Change to “Drama Ratings” section

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Hello hello!


I just wanted to let you know I’m changing the Drama Ratings section.

I used to do a post about drama ratings over the past week every week.

The problem is that it gets quite tedious to copy and paste and edit a bit every week.

The other problem was that I’m not sure whether people like seeing dozens of posts with, just numbers, EVERY WEEK.  Well, I wouldn’t anyway.

So I’ve decided to make a Drama Ratings page (it’s in the top menu labelled “Drama Ratings SUMMER 2012” – sorry it wasn’t named something creative like “the-awesome-page-of-police-and-mysterious-women-and-boys-being-boys-with-a-splash-of-ghost-mamas-and-crying”).

Sorry, but please bear with me until I find a good way to give you the information you want in a way that’s the least annoying!


That’s all I wanted to say.

But while I’m here, hope you’re all enjoying your July!

It’s all muggy in Tokyo, but thanks to some guests I had a work last week, I finally found out where the water fountain on my floor is!

That means I can get nice, cold water when I want it 😀


I’m still juggling around with a number of big projects at work ( I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess! Can we keep it clean for… for 10 minutes!  – yes, subtle reference to Mr. Incredible’s opening lines in The Incredibles), but then again I work better when I’m busy.


I’m really looking forward to the NEWS single release date this week.

I’m definitely buying the group version and the Massu version.  Who knows though?  Maybe the sight of a new NEWS single on the shelves will excite me so much I’ll buy all of them.


Right, back to work!  Thanks for coming by today!


Momo xo

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Kanjani8 members visit Hiroshima town for crime prevention class

16:55 JST July 16, 2012 2 comments

Kanjani8 members Shingo Murakami and Tadayoshi Okura helped out a how-to-stay-safe class for families on July 15, reports Sankei News.


It has been reported Hiroshima police department had invited the two to teach local children about how to stay safe during their summer holidays while also promoting their upcoming film “Eight Ranger”.  After 2000 fans and families gathered to the event in Fuchu town, they cheered on Murakami and Okura, who came out in their Eight Ranger costumes.


The two picked out give lucky schoolchildren from the crowd, and they played a series of quizzes designed to teach children things like shouting out when they felt threatened, or not to follow strangers.  It has been reported the two Johnny’s talents asked all of the parents in the crowd to look after their children over the holidays, and to go see their Eight Ranger movie together.


It has been reported the event had been organized by film company Toho, local shopping centre Aeon Mall, and local police.

Fans spot Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hikaru Yaotome with model Tsubasa Honda in Disneyland

15:37 JST July 16, 2012 2 comments

photo posted on the internet of Hikaru and Tsubasa in Disneyland (

A photo of Tsubasa Honda’s skirt posted on her blog around the same time as the Disneyland date. The similarity in the skirt and shoes has had fans guessing it is her in the Disneyland photo

Hikaru Yaotome and Tsubasa Honda have been spotted on a possible Disneyland date without any disguises, reports monthly magazine BUBKA.

It has been reported several fans had seen the Hey! Say! JUMP member in Disneyland around mid-June with Honda, who is currently a model for non-no magazine and has been starring in TV drama GTO.

“I saw a cute couple walking towards me.  And it was Y-kkuuand Tsubasa Honda.  They were a really good-looking couple,” said one teenager.

It has been reported the two were wearing hats, but nothing else to hide their faces, and looked like every other couple in the theme park who was there to have fun.

Honda is an uprising model and actress, and apart from her current work, has already clinched her first title role in the movie “FASHION STORY” which is due out next year.  According to one source however, her cute boyish haircut look does not mirror her personality.

“She looks innocent and private, but she’s quite open about her relationships.  Shortly after photo-stickers of her cuddling with her model ex-boyfriend were leaked, there were sightings of her in January on a date with her new boyfriend…in Disneyland too, I think.  Despite the fact she was becoming a more recognizable celebrity, I heard she was didn’t seem to take notice of people watching her as she kissed him in public,” said one magazine reporter.

As for Yaotome, it has been reported over the years he has been linked with many girls, including Miyabi Natsuyaki from Berryz Kobo and Perfume’s A-chan.

“He met Honda at a nomikai (drinking party).   Apparently they started talking and found out they were both huge B’z fans, and then they immediately hit it off,” said the same source as above.

It will be worth keeping an eye on where these two are heading in the future.

To see Tsubasa Honda’s blog post with the skirt photo, click here.

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