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“Do Johnny’s talents live at home?” Fan to fan Q&A

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Because it’s Friday, something fun to read from a Q&A board between fans this morning.  Don’t know whether it’s totally true, but it sounds possible.  TGIF.  Momo xo.


Q: “Do Johnny’s talents generally live at home?  But what about talents who come from Kanagawa prefecture (around Yokohama city) or Aichi prefecture (around Nagoya city)??  Is there something like a Johnny’s dormitory?”

A: “They got rid of the dormitory a long time ago, they don’t have one anymore.  It’s relatively easy to come into Tokyo from Kanagawa prefecture so those talents shouldn’t have a problem coming to work.  It’s up to the talents themselves to decide whether they want to live at home or get their own place.  If they’re from Aichi prefecture, it’s likely that they would’ve moved to Tokyo.  Senga-kun from KisMy is from Aichi prefecture, and he moved out to Tokyo with his mum when he got accepted into Johnny’s Jr.  Yaotome-kun from JUMP is from Miyagi prefecture and he moved to Tokyo with his mother when he was a Jr. talent.”

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Sho Sakurai blown away by size of SuperStar Virgo cruise ship during movie shoot

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Arashi’s Sho Sakurai was literally running around everywhere during his shoot for the “謎解きはディナーのあとで (Nazotoki wa dinner no atone)” movie, reports Sankei Sports and Chunichi Sports on July 20.


The movie version of the hit detective drama series of the same name stars a perfectionist, sharp-tongued butler Kageyama (Sakurai) and socialite, police officer Reiko (played by Keiko Kitagawa).

“This time’s ‘nazotoki’ has been scaled up, I hope you enjoy it,” Sakurai said.


It has been reported the cast held a press conference on board the movie’s main setting, Asia’s biggest luxury cruise ship the SuperStar Virgo, which Sakurai had said was a sight to see.  The ship is 268 metres, is about the equivalent of a 14-storey building, and has other features like nine restaurants, a casino, pool, movie theatre, and a gym.

“I looked up at it from the bottom and it’s size blew me away.  It took me an hour to do a one round tour of it,” Sakurai said.

Sakurai also said the cruise ship reminded him of his debut press conference with Arashi in Hawaii onboard a cruiser, but, “this time the ship was so huge”.


The movie was shot as the cruise ship traveled 2615 kilometres through Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

“People even recognised me over here (Singapore),” Sakurai said.


It has been reported Sakurai went backwards and forwards between Japan and the SuperStar Virgo twice because he had other jobs going on at the same time.  This included shoots for this year’s 24Hr TV special, and his duty as the London Olympics reporter.  One time, Sakurai had boarded off the SuperStar Virgo at Redang Island, Malaysia, before catching two boat rides, one car trip, and two plane rides to get back to Narita Airport in Tokyo.  From there he caught a car ride to Haneda Airport in Tokyo, boarded a domestic flight to Osaka, and finally caught a car ride to Kobe for his other job.  In total, the one way trip took about 18 hours.

“I started to loose track of where I was,” Sakurai said.


It has been reported by the time Sakurai got back to Malaysia to continue shooting the movie, the other cast members had enjoyed a good time.  His co-star Kippei Shiina told Sakurai at the press conference he had spent the time playing on the beach.  Actress Keiko Kitagawa had said she enjoyed her time trying out the different restaurants on board the ship.

“I ate fried rice nine times,” she said.


Despite being overly busy Sakurai did manage to have a good time himself as well.

“The first two days I was here [on board the ship], I took 500 photos, then this time I took 300 photos over three days,” he said.


Filming is still going on in Japan, and the movie will be released in 2013.



Sakurai’s comment about filming the movie on the cruise ship.  Published on the “謎解きはディナーのあとで (Nazotoki wa dinner no atone)” movie website.

“Singapore is one of the countries I’ve always wanted to go to.  I knew I would be coming here to shoot the movie so I tried very hard to restrain myself from coming here during my days off from work.  I had a lot of fun here.  When we had shoots scheduled in the afternoon I’d get up early in the morning and walk around the ship.  I thought I had enjoyed it as much as humanly possible, but obviously Kippei-san had a better time (laughs).

This story has moved from a drama series to a special drama, and now a movie.  I hope people will be able to enjoy how the story has been scaled up with an overseas setting and shoots on a luxury cruise ship.  My co-stars make up an amazing cast as well so I don’t think you’ll find yourself bored at any time.  I really hope you look forward to seeing it!”

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Kazuya Kamenashi gearing up for DREAM BOYS 2012

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New talents are getting ready give a show about young dreams, failure, and friendship in this year’s Johnny’s stage show DREAM BOYS, it was announced at the show’s press conference, reports Yomiuri Shimbun on July 18.


It has been reported the show has been running since 2004, and this year Hey! Say! JUMP’s Hikaru Yaotome, and Kis-My-Ft2’s Yuya Tamamori, Toshiya Miyata and Kento Senga will join the cast.  In contrast, KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi has been involved with the show since it’s first season.

“For the first time I’m the oldest in the group.  I’ve known these guys since they were little, I hope everyone will look forward to what we create together,” Kamenashi said.


Last year Kamenashi pulled off difficult stunts like acrobatic jumps five-metres in the air, and complicated wire action sequences.

“I don’t feel I’m putting pressure on myself.  I don’t believe in forcing myself to work for something that I think will be cool,” Kamenashi said.


The KAT-TUN star also said this year’s show would be a team effort, with everyone bringing what they each do best to the show, including Yaotome with his stage performance skills, Senga with his dancing, and Miyata with his sense of humour.

“I hope we can mash up all of our talents together,” Kamenashi said.

“It’ll be a colour only the five of us can bring out,” Tamamori said.


DREAM BOYS begins it’s season at the Imperial Garden Theater in Tokyo from September 3.  Tickets go on sale on August 4 to the public.

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