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Ryuhei Maruyama on Boys on the Run

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Interview with Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama in Yomiuri Shimbun, published on July 23.


He does not stand out at work, and none of the ladies go for him.  He has low self-esteem and gets stomach cramps when he gets too nervous.  Tanishi is a typical worthless man character, the complete opposite to a Johnny’s talent.  But the pop star who plays Tanishi says there is a bit of the Tanishi inside of him.


He says he cannot get used to being under pressure.  There are even times where he has forgotten his lines during stage musical performances and has played the wrong music during concerts.  But it is these experiences the Johnny’s talent is channeling into his portrayal of Tanishi.

“Tanishi admits to his mistakes, and moves forward.  The way he struggles is something I can relate to.  He has more power than you’d expect.  When I’m acting him I overdo his expressions, so when he runs, I run with everything I have.”


With one regular Kanjani8 TV series, and his first lead role in a drama series, things seem to be getting better for Maruyama, but according to the talent that is not good enough.

“There’s no point in ‘you’re becoming popular’, it’s more important to keep that popularity constant.  You have to work as hard as you can, even if you lose sometimes.  It’s about aiming higher.”


Facing harsh reality with his head up high, it almost makes you want to give him an extra push as you watch him confront another wall in life.



Q: If you weren’t in showbiz, what do you think you would be doing right now?

A: My parents are Japanese drum makers so I’d probably be making drums.  But I’ve been doing this job since I was 13 and there’s nothing that could substitute for it.  I’ll do my best to avoid getting fired.

Q:  What is something you always carry with you?

A: This silver ring I bought at the end of last year.  Sometimes I’ll look at it and think, “right, let’s do this”.  It’s my lucky charm.

Q: What do you want to do this summer?

A: Go on a family vacation.  And have a party with this drama’s team.  I want to drink and have a good time acting like an idiot.

Q: What’s your favourite manga?

A: Lately I’ve gotten into reading Inio Asano’s “おやすみプンプン (Oyasumi Pun-pun)”.  The drawings are funny, but they have a lot of character.


Boys on the Run” is on every Friday night on TV Asahi.


Tsuyoshi Kusanagi finishes 100 km marathon for Tamori

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SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi finished running 100 kilometres for a TV special over the weekend, reports Nikkan Sports and Sponichi Annex.


As part of the TV special “FNS27時間テレビ(FNS 27-hour TV)”, hosted by TV host Tamori, Kusanagi took part in the 100 km marathon.  The Johnny’s talent became friends with Tamori after becoming a regular on his TV show “笑っていいとも!(Waratte Iitomo!)”.

“I will run this for Tamori,” Kusanagi said.


It has been reported Kusanagi set off from the TV station’s headquarters in Odaiba, Tokyo, at 7pm on July 21, jogged to Saitama prefecture before turning back to the TV station, and made it back just after 8pm on July 22.  Kusanagi had started getting some knee pain around the halfway point and had spent most of the second half of the marathon almost walking.  Towards the end, his SMAP team mates Takuya Kimura and Goro Inagaki ran along with him.


It has been reported after completing the run, Kusanagi hugged Tamori twice.

“Around the 96 km mark, my [leg] muscles had had it.  I was on the brink of giving up, but I gave it one more go because I wanted to do this for you Tamori, even if it meant finishing with a pulled muscle,” he said.

“I thought you weren’t going to make it, but you did a great job to the end,” Tamori said.

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Koichi Domoto is the best in Johnny’s according to his seniors

11:00 JST July 23, 2012 2 comments

Johnny’s senior talent Noriyuki Higashiyama told a popular TV show he thinks Koichi Domoto from KinKi Kids is the biggest perfectionist in Johnny’s, reports Techinsight Japan on July 21.


Higashiyama is currently 45-years-old, and is considered a perfectionist who has followed a strict training regime for the past 20 years.  During a talk on TV show “しゃべくり007 (Shabekuri 007)”, it has been reported Higashiyama said he has kept his body-fat percentage below 10 per cent all these years because he exercises daily.  This includes stretching and 1000 sit-ups every day.


Even so, when asked who he thought was the biggest perfectionist in Johnny’s, Higashiyama had said it would be Koichi, and that the KinKi Kids member was more dedicated to work than himself.


It has been reported Higashiyama said there was one time during the New Year’s Johnny’s concert when he went back to his dressing room thinking everything was alright, when Koichi came knocking at the door to ask him if the two could go through the songs one more time.  Higashiyama also said Koichi’s “SHOCK” stage show was perfect, and admired Koichi for being able to “keep it up for four months on that show, usually your weight drops four or five kilos from doing a show for that long.”


Another Johnny’s talent who had been on the same TV show, TOKIO’s Masahiro Matsuoka also said Koichi was the most professional talent in Johnny’s, and the best junior to him.


It has been reported Koichi has been playing the main role in the stage show “SHOCK” for the past 13 years.  It could be because he was given such an important role at the young age of 21 that he learned about responsibility more than others.

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