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In new commercial, SMAP want to be replaced so they can take a break

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“新SMAP募集!! (New SMAP Wanted!!)”  SMAP takes a break from showbiz to play video games in their upcoming commercial, reports Famitsu on July 25.


The new commercial for Nintendo Wii’s Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku Online goes on air in Japan today.


In the commercial, SMAP hold an emergency press conference, saying they  are looking for someone to be part of a new SMAP because the current members want to play Dragon Quest X.


It has been reported Takuya Kimura was a guest at the game’s press conference in Tokyo on July 25, and said he found the commercial’s concept had impact.

“It was just a commercial shoot, but I was surprised at how real the press conference set was.”


The latter part of the commercial shows the five members in their own rooms playing the game, but together as a group in the game’s online world.  Usually, each room and each member would be filmed individually, but it has been reported the crew built several rooms in one studio hall, and the five of them shouted out to one another in real time during shoots.

“The new Dragon Quest X makes team play so much more global, and there we were doing things like would have been done decades ago (laughs).”


Here are few screenshots from the commercial (photos taken from Famitsu):





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