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It’s been a while since I wrote a post about…well, what I’ve been up to.  Don’t worry, it won’t be long!


NEWS event post

I’m beginning to see a number of posts on the internet about the NEWS event.  I heard that fans at the first events in Tokyo were told not to leak information on social media.

But when I went on the second day, we didn’t get told anything like that.  In fact, the one thing they told us to do was to drink lots of water!

It was a scorching day on August 21, and waiting under the direct sunlight for an hour did make me feel like I’d get dehydrated if I didn’t have my water.

Others weren’t so lucky.  We started to go into the venue about an hour before the starting time, and shortly afterwards one fan collapsed and had to be taken out.  She was in the line in front of me, and it looked like she had a cold or something (she had a flu mask on), but I guess waiting in hot weather conditions wasn’t a good mix.  I felt so sorry for her, I didn’t see her come back into her spot, but hopefully she managed to get some rest and watch from the side.

Wait.  I’m side tracking.

Anyway, because there weren’t any announcements asking fans to refrain from blogging, I think I’ll wait until the Osaka events are over before writing a report.  I’ve read a few fans doing the same thing – wait until all the events are over.  I wish they’d say WHY they warned the fans in the first events, but I suppose it was to keep things from going out of control in the other events.  We got told the boys had changed the contents of the event so much.

Funny how I haven’t seen many English reports.  I know there are some English-speaking fans who were there too because I saw you!  Even NEWS asked where the furthest fans had come from, and some fans were shouting Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Concert reports

I thought it might be cool if I could collect different concert reports from different fans since I don’t have time to go around Japan to go to concerts (I have bills to pay, waaaaah).

That way, I could hopefully post some new news and stories about different Johnny’s groups?

I experimented with a NEWS concert yesterday, but seeing that a lot of other groups have concerts this week, hopefully I could do some more in the next few days.


Anyway, that’s all for now.


Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Momo xo

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First generation Johnny’s Jr. talent teaches Japanese school teachers how to dance

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A former Johnny’s talent and now dance school chair has been helping Japanese junior high school teachers learn how to dance so they can help their own students, reports Mainichi Shimbun on August 21.


As dance becomes a compulsory part of the junior high school curriculum in Japan, a special dance workshop was held in Shunan city, Yamaguchi prefecture, for 23 teachers who wanted to be prepared for the new change.


Yamaguchi prefecture local Toshio Itano is a former Johnny’s talent who worked during the early years of the agency’s history.  After leaving Johnny’s he had returned to his hometown and opened up a dance school, which he now chairs.


It has been reported he workshop was divided into three classes where Itano taught the basics to dance styles like hip hop.  While some teachers struggled to move as smoothly as Itano had shown them, they started to get the hang of it after some practice.

“My only dance experience in life has been bon-odori.  I can teach the students how to dance using DVDs, but I also want to become an example for them,” one 44-year-old teacher  said.

“It’s not going to be easy for teachers at their age to learn how to dance.  But by experiencing the difficulties themselves, they’ll be able to understand what it feels like for their students who find it hard too,” Itano said.

Johnny’s Jr. talent Jesse Lewis gets first drama lead role

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Johnny’s Jr. talent Jesse Lewis will play a university student taking part in a bloody quiz show where contestants are killed off one by one, reports Cinema Today on August 23.


The cast of special drama The Quiz held a press conference on August 21, where Lewis, and other Johnny’s Jr. talents Keigo Hagiya and Hikaru Iwamoto talked about their upcoming show.


The drama is based on a horror mystery novel where 10 contestants compete in a quiz show to win 100 million yen.  But it is not as easy as it seems, because for every question one contestant is killed off.


It has been reported Lewis will play the lead character, Shota, a third-year university student.

“I’m so surprised I got my first lead.  I hope I can convince people that I can pull off roles like this.  I hope I get them sitting on the edge of their seat when they watch this show,” he said.


The talent had also said he had never thought he would be able to be in so many dramas this year, from 私立バカレア高校 (Shiritsu Bakarea Koukou), Sprout, and now The Quiz.


For his co-star Hagiya, who plays a cold-hearted Tokyo University graduate student, the whole drama experience is completely new to him.

“This is my first drama.  There are so many things I don’t know but I’ve been getting through it all thanks to the advice the director has been giving me,” he said.


Iwamoto, who plays a national karate champion Riku, said he had a lot in common with his character.

“Riku has a bright personality like me so it’s easy to get into character.  I hope we can have fun making this into a great show,” he said.


The three talents also talked about what they would do if they themselves got their hands on the 100 million yen cash prize,

“I’d build a movie theatre inside my house!  I watch DVDs with my family when I have a day off so I want to watch it on a big screen,” Lewis sad.

“I’d build a sound-proof room at home and put a drum kit and karaoke machine there,” Hagiya said.

“I’m really into designing lately so I’d like to open up my own apparel shop,” Iwamoto said.


The Quiz goes on air in Japan on September 1.

Sexy Zone try flying wire act for the first time

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Johnny’s youngest group Sexy Zone will have a go a flying wire acts in their upcoming show, it was announced on August 22, reports Nikkan Sports.


The press were invited to a first glimpse into the group’s upcoming entertainment show Johnny’s Dome Theatre ~Summary 2012~ in Tokyo, which involves flying wire acts.  Flying wire acts could almost be said to be a Johnny’s tradition now.


It has been reported out of the five members, three have never had the chance to try flying wire action before, including So Matsushima who is afraid of heights.  However, during yesterday’s event, Matsushima managed to keep a straight face during the act.  The other members also said they were confident with their performance.

“I want to fly as better as my senpai,” Kento Nakajima said.


In fact, many of the flying routines were thought up by Sexy Zone.  It has been reported Shori Sato suggested making a “marathon flying routine” and Marius Yo a “surfing flying routine”.  Other surprises include Nakajima playing the piano live, and Fuma Kikuchi singing a cappella without a microphone.


Johnny’s president Johnny Kitagawa had said he was happy with his youngest group’s enthusiasm.

“I think it’s great that they want to try creating things themselves.  They’re evolving so much.”

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