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“Hypothetically speaking, if you get yourself on the blacklist of a Johnny’s fan club…” Fan to fan Q&A

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I read this this morning on a Q&A board between fans and thought it was a good Friday read.

Q:  “This is about the Johnny’s fan club…hypothetically speaking, if you were to get on the blacklist of one Johnny’s fan club, does that mean you’ll be declined from joining fan clubs of other groups?  Even if you did get accepted, would you be able to get tickets??”

A: “Member information belongs to the whole Johnny’s Family Club, so once you’re on the blacklist, I don’t think you can join other fan clubs.  They monitor addresses too, so using the same address but a different name, like your parents or siblings, wouldn’t work either.

Even if you were able to get in, I doubt you’d be able to get tickets.  Not that it’s happened to anyone around me…but I’ve seen fans write about how they can’t log into J-net.”


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