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*Update* Saori Yoshida gets her hug from Massu

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Three-time Olympic gold medal winner Saori Yoshida will get her hug from Takahisa Masuda, and it will all be on TV this Wednesday, reports News 24.


Yoshida had made a guest appearance on music TV show 1番ソングSHOW (1-ban SONG SHOW) in July, where she said she was a big fan of the NEWS member.  Masuda had sent Yoshida a video message, wishing her the best at the Olympics, and he agreed to make any wish she had come true if she won gold at the London Olympics.  Yoshida had said she would love to get a hug from him.


Masuda and the 1-ban SONG SHOW‘s hosts set up a surprise for Yoshida, which will be aired in this week’s show on August 29.  It started when they called Yoshida for a meeting for a different TV show in a room with hidden cameras in place.  As Masuda and the show’s hosts wait for the right time, Masuda makes his move and comes into Yoshida’s room.  It has been reported Yoshida was shocked, but after Masuda had lead her to the music show’s studio, she got the hug she had been promised.


Keep an eye on this Wednesday’s 1番ソングSHOW (1-ban SONG SHOW).

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